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Abarth Punto pre-cut, easy fit PLAIN sunstrip plus FREE Squeegee

  • $26.00

For any Fiat/Abarth Punto   

We have changed the way that you fit a sunstrip to your car.

Gone are the days of having to fiddle for hours with a large rectangle of vinyl and then using a knife to cut away the waste destroying your window rubbers in the process.

our easy fit sunstrips are pre cut to the shape of your windscreen .This leaves you with a straight and perfectly fitting sunstrip. We have taken all the hassle and difficulty out of the fitting your sunstrip leaving you more time to enjoy your car.

Decals are fitted after the sunstrip, unless you have requested for me to apply them  before I send it to you. 

All Our products are made using Hexis 5-7 year vinyl

Your sunstrip will come without a logo, please order from our extensive collection.

For fitting advice, watch my video. It’s really easy, if you do it right and make sure it’s properly dry, especially when it’s cold outside. 

All you need is a spray bottle of soapy water and a squeegee. (The squeegee is included with your sunstrip, the soapy water, you’ll have to find yourself)

Watch the video here 

If your required colour isn't listed, please contact us, as almost any colour can be supplied  


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